Bioastronautics and Space Mechatronics Research Center (BIO & SM)

Space technology is a field of great importance, therefore The Bioastronautics and Space Mechatronics Research Center (BIO&SM), formerly named The Space Medicine and Biomechatronics Research Group (SM&BM), was founded in 2015, and established in January 2019 as the First Professional research group of its kind in Latin America as part of The Mars Society. Currently, it is an autonomous international group, we have members from Ibero-American countries working together with Worldwide Experts to develop innovative technologies. It works under the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of United Nations.

The research is focus on finding efficient technological solutions to improve and support Spaceflight, The Planet Mars, The Moon, and Space Colonization. The Organization is structured in:


A) Department of Medicine and Biology, which has
i) Division of Space Human Medicine.
ii) Division of Space Veterinary Medicine.
iii) Division of Space Agriculture.


B) Department of Physics and Engineering, which has
i) Division of Space Robotics.
ii) Division of Satellites and Telecommunications.

iii) Division of Space Design.


According to Google Scholar, in June 2022, there are 181 citations and 17 publications (16 indexed in Scopus/Web of Science and 1 indexed in Scielo).

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Our Mission

The main objective is to support the “idea incubation”, which is a process for bringing ideas into reality of projects related to the Space Sector, where we supervise and manage from the conceptual idea, and help to create the first scientific publications. In order to encourage the creation of a Start-Up / Spin Off as a proposal for space agencies or space institutions. Besides, we encourage young people (High School to Postgraduate) and professional adults, to get skills and knowledge with the purpose to start a project.

Core Values

Global Innovation 

Integrity and Honesty

Humble Leadership

Universe Friendly